Hello, and welcome to my gallery

I am a Florida-based, self-taught landscape & wildlife photographer.  I was born and raised in beautiful South Africa with a backdrop of mountains and the ocean on my doorstep. I grew up surrounded by incredible natural beauty, just begging to be photographed. I was raised by two incredible humans, both adventure and nature lovers, and my formative years were spent exploring the country's mountain trails, wandering its wild beaches and rugged coastlines and searching for wildlife in its numerous national parks.  As a family we also ventured further afield, traveling to the UK, Europe and the United States.  All of these experiences instilled in me an appreciation for travel and the natural world with all its incredible beauty.  I always felt a pull towards wild places and their quiet solitude and even went on to study nature conservation, determined to spend my life in "the wild".  


I received my first point-and-shoot camera at 5 years old, but it took a good many years before I produced anything worth looking at.  In my early 20's I spent 2 years living abroad in the UK and it's here that I purchased my first "real" camera (still a point and shoot, but with all the "bells and whistles").  During that period I travelled to Canada where I spend a month backpacking across the country.  I was naturally drawn to the mountains and dramatic scenery of Alberta and British Columbia and I think this was the turning point in my photography "career" - where my hobby developed into a serious passion.  Eventually on my 30th birthday, my dear dad bought me my first SLR film camera, which I still have to this day (I'm somewhat sentimental).  From here my work improved in leaps and bounds.  I vowed never to go digital, but it's hard to compete in a digital world and eventually I caved.  I now shoot exclusively in digital format, my current camera being a Nikon D500.


My photography has taken me to some incredible places including India, Australia, Costa Rica, Svalbard and of course back to my motherland, South Africa.  As a photographer I'll never be content - my passion pushes me to continually improve in the hope of someday creating that perfect image if there is such a thing.  There are so many incredible photographers out there that offer inspiration and show me what is possible, that's its impossible to be complacent.  I want my images to inspire people to travel and explore this amazing world that we live in and to conserve its remaining wild places for generations to come.